About Us

Alicia & Richella has evolved from a shared love of fashion by two friends, Alicia Law and Richella Carroll.  Our vision is and remains to find and promote occasion wear which could be worn at formal or semi-formal events but at the same would never date and could be taken out of the wardrobe again and again.

We therefore launched Alicia & Richella with great fanfare in February 2020 as an online fashion house/boutique providing dresses/jumpsuits for many different occasions such as weddings, communions, race meetings etc. As our mission from the start has been to find styles which never date, we have been very particular and selective in our choice of dresses.

Due to the demand for occasion wear almost disappearing as a result of the onset of the Covid pandemic and national lockdown, we have chosen to expand our offering by introducing both a skirt and jumper collection for every day wear. As with our occasion wear, we have sought to be very selective and have endeavoured to source skirts and jumpers which are unique and exclusive.

As business partners, but above all as friends, we are both determined to make Alicia & Richella a success by providing not only a wide variety of standout clothes at a reasonable cost but also an excellent customer service. We are both committed and motivated and truly believe that you must take ‘the road less travelled’ in order to successfully achieve what you set out to do. We both have the same eye and vision towards fashion and are determined to strive to be the best we can in what is a very competitive industry.

Alicia has always had a huge ambition to open her own online shop. She owns her own fashion blog on Instagram known as Fashionfamed, where over many years she has documented her love for fashion and collaborated with many boutiques around Ireland by modelling their clothes.

Richella has also always had a lifelong interest in fashion and beauty. She runs her own beautician business while at the same time works for one of the top horse racing stables in Ireland riding some of the most expensive thoroughbred horses in the world.